Texas Landfill Methane Gas Processing Plant Upgrades Completed

CREWpoint Contractors completed this challenging job in a harsh environment under a very tight timetable. Furthermore, the job’s scope and priority of the scope was fluid and urgent. The CREW and management worked hand in hand with the plant’s operations, corporate engineers and outside engineers to insure all work was done safely and expediently.

Once on-site a leak was detected in a methane gas process pipe which was caused by excessive vibration. The CREW quickly assessed the situation and devised a solution. Once the line was purged and tested, new piping was welded into place as well as added pipe supports to prevent vibration and additional damage. Major repairs were made to the main incinerator piping, threadolets added for new flow meters, new carbon steel and stainless steel piping ran, concrete foundations poured for a new air compressor, air dryer, two air receivers and 3-vlave bypasses installed.

Much of the work done on this project required custom fabrication, skilled welding and most importantly CREWpoint Contractors’ commitment to safety and collaboration with our client.

CREWpoint Contractors scope of work:

  • Process piping modifications and repairs, on carbon steel and stainless steel piping
  • Install threadolets on existing process piping for new flow meters
  • Replace deteriorated piping and make repairs to incinerator
  • Improve existing safety guarding on blowers
  • Repair leaks on existing process piping and add additional pipe supports to prevent vibration and provide a safer working environment
  • Provide Concrete foundation for compressor room expansion
  • Install new air compressor, Air dyer, Air Receivers (2), oil water separator and zero loss drains
  • Provide and install all compressed air piping and 3-vavle bypasses
  • Build canopy for new compressed air equipment
  • Install louvers for increased makeup air