Safety Upgrades and Equipment Installation at Pennsylvania Water Bottling Plant

CREWpoint Contractors was responsible for making significant safety upgrades and equipment replacements at a Pennsylvania Water Bottling plant including the removal of an existing rooftop Make-up Air Unit (MAU) and the installation of the new MAU. A major component of the safety upgrades was the installation of two remotely controlled isolation valves to the existing boilers. CREWpoint Contractors innovative thinking and problem solving allowed these valves to be retrofitted to the existing boilers without costly re-piping while also minimizing plant shutdown. The experienced CREW also completed air duct modifications, piping insulation, and upgrades to the ammonia vent piping. All work was done while the plant was fully operational and/or during regularly scheduled shutdowns. No loss of plant productivity was recorded as a result of CREWpoint’s work due to our constant communication with plant operations and affiliated engineers.

CREWpoint Contractors scope of work:

  • Replace Rooftop MAU, included new curb installation and roofing repairs
  • Existing air duct modifications and fabricate and install new duct (insulate outdoor duct on the roof)
  • Install (2) isolation valves on existing boiler piping
  • Provide insulation and jacketing on boiler piping, provide and install removable insulated blankets on valves and instrumentation in boiler room
  • Provide and install OSHA compliant scaffolding required for working at heights and around existing equipment and processes without interrupting daily activities and production
  • Upgrade ammonia vent piping to new regulatory requirements.