CREWpoint Contractors Assists Global Manufacturer of Wire and Cable Products Perform Safety Audits

CREWpoint Contractors identified potential hazards and “pinch points” in the manufacturing process. CREWpoint designed a universal solution to create efficiencies and cost effective results. After designing and fabricating the unique universal safety guards, CREWpoint installed the guards throughout the facility to greatly increase safety for their client’s workforce.

The photo illustrates how CREWpoint took a 30-year old machine, added a window, LED lighting and an interlock switch so that it can continue to operate safely. The lighting allows the operator to identify any equipment issues faster, and the interlock switch prevents the line from running when the door is breached.

Continuing our facility upgrade CREW’s removed existing equipment from a manufacturing line and demolished concrete settings. After equipment upgrades were made the machinery was set back into place and new concrete settings poured.

Finally, CREWpoint designed and implemented an innovation piece of custom machinery to handle a very fragile product through a delicate process.

CREWpoint Contractors is proud to be a partner in our client’s continued facility upgrades.