Upgrades Completed on Commercial Bakery Wastewater System

CREWpoint Contractors performed an extensive upgrade to the wastewater system in a large commercial bakery located in Texas.

The scope of work included the addition of two pumps that remove the plant’s wastewater from the below-grade interceptors to a 50,000 gallon stainless steel equalization tank installed by CREWpoint Contractors. Wastewater is then transferred through a treatment process that includes a DAF unit, flocculating tubes and a series of coagulant pumps all connected by SCH 80 PVC and stainless steel piping. All piping was supported by custom pipe supports and insulated. Along with the wastewater system components, the CREW installed a new compressed air system and a safety shower while on-site.

CREWpoint’s commitment to communication and safety was instrumental while working closely with the design engineers of the system and plant operations to ensure the new system integrated into the existing water treatment system to meet quality goals for treated wastewater going back to the municipality.

CREWpoint Contractors scope of work:

  • Setting fiberglass tanks and tank assembly
  • Pump installation
  • DAF unit assembly and installation
  • 4” & 6” stainless steel pipe, TIG welded with Argon Purge
  • Pipe support fabrication and installation
  • Piping insulation
  • Copper & SCH 80 PVC piping
  • Install compressed air system
  • Install hot water heater and safety shower
  • Pour concrete pads for equipment and pipe supports