CREWpoint Contractors Completes Major Upgrades for Major U.S. Water Bottler

CREWpoint Contractors recently completed major upgrades to multiple facilities of a major U.S. water bottler. Traveling throughout the country, our CREWs were responsible for the installation of Make-up Air Unites (MAU) and machine room upgrades.

The work to these critical processes included the setting and installation of isolation gas valves, ammonia diffusion tanks, structural steel and RTU’s including MAU’s and exhaust fans. Modifications were made to vent piping to improve the ammonia diffusion process and new processed piping was installed. At one location, CREWpoint was responsible for commissioning and setting an 80ft. steel beam on the roof to act as the support for new larger exhaust fan. This required expert rigging by our CREW and a 100-ton crane. Steel legs penetrated the roof to rest directly on the building’s existing column lines. Once the support legs were positioned and welded into place, the new support structure was set.

Lastly, our CREWs completed installation of safety showers inside the machine rooms and outside exit doors, ensuring the continued safety of our client’s employees. Each of the machine room upgrades were completed in-line with CREWpoints’ constant effort to help customers provide a safer factory for their employees.